People :  We value your and our people.  We put them  all first and treat everyone fairly and with respect.

Team work : We will co-operate with each other to achieve our client oriented common goals.

Excellence : We will work to the best of our ability and seek excellence in our work.

Open communication : We will communicate effectively and clearly at all levels.

Trust : We will be open and honest to maintain our integrity.

Innovation : We will support initiative and creativity.


To add value to the businesses of our clients by using up to date methodology and technology in a sustainable manner.

Our staff selection and training processes are geared to ensure minimal risk to ourselves and our clients. Our cleaning and supervisory staff are trained to ensure that they put emphasis on the High risks area to achieve a zero error rate and then address the majors and minor to ensure the attainment of the >90% standard set.

​KSG Corp has invested and implemented a formal training programme to ensure that all of its people are systematically and carefully trained to be the specialist and experts as a point of Difference. The Training manual, which includes the processes and techniques of cleaning, hygiene, safety and health are systematically and deliberately implemented. Our training manual and related systems are based around the ISO 9001-2008 Standard for quality management and ISO 14001-2004 Environmental management as well as the NZQA national certificate in Cleaning and Caretaking.

We are committed to ensuring only the best people are selected to provide services to its clients. We will follow proper Human Resource procedures to legally restructure or otherwise make changes to staff. Our clients will be included in any changes made and will be asked for input before KSG makes any decisions about current or new staff. All staff will be subject to our criminal police check procedures via the Ministry of Justice. Staff will also sign off a confidentiality document about not breaching  confidentiality no matter what the reason is. We expect the highest standards of integrity for our staff.


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​​​​​KSG Corp : cleaning services throughout Lower North Island Regions.

To remain at the cutting edge of specialised cleaning. 

To provide cost effective goods and services that produce quality results.

To ensure that our people remain the team of experts they are trained to be.


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