SIMRAN GILL - Project Manager

Simran has had several years experience in the cleaning industry mainly in Palmerston North and  fully understands all the techniques and methodology involved in all aspects of specialised cleaning. Simran is our hard floor specialist  and he also the Guru of window cleaning. Simran has an eye for detail and can identify aspects of cleaning that are not to our high standards especially in food consumption areas and washrooms. Simran has also worked in Management and has been in charge of delivery Quality to clients. He has attended University and will complete his studies in Business in the next two years part time.

RANJIT SINGH - Corporate Services manager 

Ranjit has had several years' experience in New Zealand and Overseas.  He has a Masteres in Business and has a focus on clients needs and is responsible for the sustainable future of our business.  He takes a strategic view of all business and needs of the industry.  Ranjit is focused on research and innovation in order to give you cost effective results.  He studies all the techniques and methodology involved in all aspects of specialised cleaning and adds value to processes by continuous improvement.  Ranjit has an eye for detail and can identify methodology of cleaning to improve our high standards especially in food consumption areas and washrooms.  Ranjit takes a holistic view of business relationships and implements sustainable strategies to ensure lasting client relationships.

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​​KARL GILL -Managing Director

Karl is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He also manages and operates all aspects  of the company. Karl commenced in cleaning in 1997 with David Berry starting Clearview specialist cleaners and learned all aspects of cleaning especially the difficult challenging issues. Karl recognises the need for a systematic and rationale professional business approach to all matters affecting the enterprise. Karl is committed to Kaizen, continuous improvement strategies. The importance of being results focussed after identifying stakeholders needs  is paramount.

In addition to leading the risk management, staff motivation and legal matters, Karl is the first point of contact for all clients and values every client. He also provides an independent view of clients needs to all staff . As an executive for many years Karl has noted the shortcomings of cleaning contractors and is committed to the continual improvement of results through staff training and development.  Karl will ensure that Brian Thomas monitors quality delivery of the specifications set.

Karl has been intimately involved with the commercial  sector for at least 21 years and in government local and national for 10 years before that.  He has a thorough understanding of your business and the challenges it faces.  

Management  Team

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Hamish Lyon - Quality and Panning Manager

​Hamish has  a vast amount of experience with  companies in New Zealand.  Hamish has a great eye for detail and is very systematic and rationale in the way he organises and delivers cleaning and related services. Hamish is committed to Kaizen. Hamish has carried out the specialists aspects of cleaning hands on and understands difficult cleaning issues. Hamish  is obsessed with health and hygiene with particular emphasis on cleaning in high risk areas including operational food serving and consumption areas. He continually checks to ensure that staff understand the importance of disinfecting, sanitising and the sequence of processes to ensure effective results to minimise risk. Hamish also ensures that staff understand and apply chemicals in a safe and effective manner for infection and other disease control. The dilution ratios of chemicals and the applications techniques and methods are imperative for effective control of infections and disease.

Hamish is also KSG’s trouble-shooter who resolves complex issues within 24 hours. Hamish has access to the very latest cleaning technology in the United States and Australia. Hamish will provide Quality assurance  reports  and  resolve any issues systematically and quickly. He will provide the critical eye to ensure that  that the specifications we at KSG undertake are provided to you using the most advanced methods.​